10. October 2018
I've been waiting in Zürich for #Domino10 on different places and finally I found it at the University of Zürich! -> Check out the Video.
04. October 2018
Notes V10 beta 2 review, my first impressions and how can I customize the visual experience. #dominoforever
01. October 2018
Completed the Superstar Badge by 10 tasks listed on the Superstar scorecard. #domino2025.
24. April 2018
IBM Verse looks pretty well and every customer with a Domino server can use it. It's quite common to run the mail service on a cluster. But if you following the IBM Verse On-Premises 1.0.3 Administrator Documentation, (Installing and configuring) you will struggle at the point, where the cluster is important. – at the CREDSTORE!
27. December 2017
IBM Notes will become an additional column "Sender" in the email view Inbox. Adding up to the senders' name "Who" this column will show the email address of the sender. Furthermore on the "email details" will be automatically shown in the mails' preview and open emails per default.
27. June 2017
IBM Mail Support for Microsoft Outlook, getting the "free room information" when scheduling a new meeting. Error: "...There’s no information for the side and room..."
08. May 2017
#IBMVerse On-Premises 1.0.1 is up and running! On productive Domino 9.0.1 FP8 IF3 of course.
19. April 2017
The diversity of client access to Domino:
 The question is, how can I improve the functionality and the client access of an IBM Domino Server?

02. January 2017
19. September 2016
Last weekend the top of programmers from Switzerland and around the world has been in Zurich for the 3rd "application development" - HACKATHON. http://hackzurich.com/ Potent supporter has been in the back of the participants from the education and the economy. The IT companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, etc ... were rather decent active in the background and none of the big 5 has been really dominant. Well, maybe Google, but that is more related by the participants who love obviously Google...

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